as controversial as she was, i admired amy winehouse. her talents never ceased to amaze me, but i was mostly impressed by her vulnerability. 

amy was the very picture of the saying, “wearing her heart on her sleeve”. there was no “business tactics, “public images”, or “calculated moves”. 

when it came to amy – what you saw was what you got. professional life: insecure, emotionally unstable, unprepared for sudden fame and lack of privacy that followed suit. personal life: broken hearted, lost, crushed. amy was many things in thousand facets, but it all boiled down to one thing: she was real. 

and that is why many of us can relate to her.

that is why everytime i listen to her songs i feel a renewed sense of gratitude. her songs, even the darkest kinds, serve as some kind of silver lining. the struggle is real, but so is the finish line. it may not be within sight, but it is there. 

despite all the pain, anger, grief, resentment, and confusion, someday it all will make sense.