a true classic

call me an old soul, but i have a soft spot for this song.

just stop and take a little time out with me
oh just take five, just take five
stop your busy day and take the time out to see
that i’m alive, i’m alive.

oh, though i’m going out of my way
just so i can pass by each day
not a single word do we say
it’s a pantomime, i’m out of time.

still i know our eyes often meet,
i feel tingles down to my feet,
when you smile, that’s much too discreet
sends me on my way.

now wouldn’t it be better not to be so polite
when you could offer a light?
just start a little conversation now, it’s alright
when you’re taking five…



more crackers on table please 

given the inexplicable (most of) indonesian’s infatuation of having assortment of crackers with meals, and the fact that crackers are one of the items with high gross profit in restaurant, i am amazed to see that there are only five baskets of assorted crackers in a thirty-table restaurant. that is one basket of crackers for six tables.

if i were to run the business, i would change the ratio to two to one, or even to one to one. chances are that if the basket of crackers is there on the table, within reach, then people are likely to grab one just because, while waiting for their food to come, or when they are craving for that satisfying crunch to accompany their main indonesian meal. 

also, let’s be honest, it’s very unlikely that people would ask the waiter how much the crackers cost before they grab some. because it’s like some kind of condiment, something to have on the side,  they unconsciously think or inaccurately assume that the cost is negligible.

until they find out, when the bill comes, that a package of humble crackers costs in the range of 10% – 30% of  their main meal. by then the crackers would have been consumed and they are obligated to fork the dough.

if types of upsell in restaurant business are categorized into some kind of hierarchy, then assortment of crackers is by all means “the master ninja” of upsell: sleek, unassuming, and yet always deliver.

someone should capitalize it better.