when i somehow re-discover chris

chris martin, that is. the front man of coldplay band.

it all started with carpool karaoke.

which came up when i googled “james corden” after anna wintour referred him as her favorite comedian during vogue – 73 questions video interview. how i ended up watching series of vogue – 73 questions videos in the first place  was a long story (reference of taylor swift’s obscenely gilded kitchen faucet was part of the story, as you could tell i was going down youtube rabbit hole fast here).

anyway, i digress.

back to carpool karaoke featuring chris martin. when i saw him he looked very different from the young-looking man in “yellow” video. well i guess fifteen-year span explained that. between “yellow” in 2000 and now sure i listened to some of their hits of subsequent albums but i had never paid close attention (unlike my sister who is a devotee of coldplay). but in that carpool karaoke video it was not just about his aging (in a good way) that caught my eyes.

it was something else.

chris martin just looked damned happy. like, at peace with himself.

so of course i had to look. what’s the drug, chris?

so over the holiday last week, among my catch-up on reading my favorite books, my driving around jakarta with zilch traffic, my apartment design project, my relaxing by the empty swimming pool, and my meet-up with a few folks, i started researching chris martin.

after all, i have fifteen years to catch up (my sister calls me hopeless).