two-five rule

me (showing my buddy a trail of recent exchange of certain means of communication): here, would you look at this and tell me what you think.

him (smiling): uh-huh. you need to apply a two-five rule on that, dear.

me: what the hell is a two-five rule?

him: two clicks in five seconds.

me: expand on that please.

him: this kind of thing is not worth your time. your first click is to open it. then you glance over it. your second click is to delete it. and you should not spend more than five seconds between your first click and your second click. needless to say, you do not ever reply to such thing.

me: well that is interesting.

him: it is liberating. especially with exponentially increasing moron on this earth.




a piece of evening haiku

take notes of those
turn their backs
on you
when things
get all snafued

their true selves
are unveiled
and that
how much they
truly value you

remember that
the table

you too
can choose
walk away