glorious, glorious day

today is one of very few days where i got up and felt excited about the day ahead. blue sky! cool breeze! sunny day! ran for 45 minutes around the block, smiled at passerby, felt good in general.

i think it is due to the holiday bug.

two more working days!!!


magic in the moonlight

i had an interesting chat with mr. taplinger, as he’s called. i’d say he has a classic neurotic personality disorder. brilliant parents who didn’t get along, closer to his aunt than his mother, obsessed with mortality, believes in nothing, finds life to have no meaning. just a perfect depressive, with everything sublimated into his art, and he is quite an artist. he began as an escape artist. interesting choice if anyone ever wanted to escape from reality. but, like freud, he will not permit himself to be seduced by childish thoughts just because they’re more comforting. very unhappy man. i like him.

you love, you smile

a long time ago a friend of mine gave me a book by diane ackerman titled “a natural history of love“. it was a research on love, written compellingly: she discussed historical, biological, chemical and all other aspects of what we called as “love”.

of everything that was detailed in the book i only remember one thing. in one of the chapters diane asked the readers to close their eyes and think about someone they love or someone endeared to them. afterward she declared that the readers must have been smiling as they thought about that person. it was some kind of voluntary, unregulated muscle response: the same mechanism that pumps blood to your heart and keeps it beating.

it is true.

i find that amazing.