the very thought of you

it has been one of those days.

you get up at 5am and are at the office by 6am. you work on the reports that need to be completed before you have your first meeting of the day at 8.30am. you go to meeting marathon from 8.30am to 11.30am, then run to the so-so-but-conveniently-close-to-office restaurant to beat the lunch crowd. you are updating your to-do-list as you are waiting for your food to be served. one of your colleagues join you during lunch, and he is as distracted as you are by continuous stream of emails and whatsapp messages that keep popping up. you are back in your office at 12.30pm, and you feel slightly dismayed by 57 unread emails that fill up your inbox during your one-hour break (that is one email per minute, yo). you manage to squeeze in a 30-minute coffee break at the nearby café (the caramel latte is actually pretty good); however instead of having some peaceful, solitude moment you bump into some fellow colleagues from different companies with some mundane questions to bear with. the rest of the afternoon flies with multiple discussions, phone calls, and follow-ups.

you glance at your watch and it is now 7.30pm. your desk is full with sticky notes, sheets of papers, and you cannot help but noticing that you had spilled some of your morning black coffee that had long gone cold.

it has been a long day indeed.

then suddenly, you think about that very person. you just realize that you have not had the chance to call, or text, or whatsapp him today. it takes you sometime to recall where he is now (not Singapore, not Kuala Lumpur, not Bangkok). one thing you are sure of is that he is racking up his mileage points and class (One World Emerald) like hell with all that travel.

you know that he probably has as long day as you do. you hope that he is on his way back the hotel now after putting off all those fires that require him to travel overnight. you know that he would pull it through. you hope that he had some proper lunch. you picture him in his kick-ass attire – crisp white shirt with those classic bull-eye cufflinks, paired with dark gray trousers and jacket, and a pair of polished black shoes – stopping by at the hotel bar for a much-needed refreshment. you hope that he could get some rest tonight.

despite your and his insanely hectic schedule, you two know that you have each other.

you feel this warm sweep of gratitude, contentment, and tenderness.

your heart skips a beat.

and you smile.